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MEIFENG Steel Hook Galvanized Wire Coat Hange...

Heavy duty steel with shiny chrome finish;Steel Hook Galvanized Wire Coat Hanger ;Make in China   [More]

MEIFENG Heavy Metal Chrome Clothes Hangers 97...

The suface treatment o this metal wire hanger is chrome-plated.Heavy Metal Chrome Clothes Hangers.This is very popular among customers.Factory.   [More]

MEIFENG Chrome Open Hook Wire Hangers For Coa...

Hangers won't get rusty and ruin your clothes,Non Slip adjustable,Chrome Open Hook Wire Hangers For Coats,make in china   [More]

8 Tier Portable Folding Storage Rack

10mm wire tube, 8pcs fabric shelves, plastic connection parts,Folding Storage Rack,Powder-coating,Roll curtain door   [More]

4 Tier Powder-coating Shoe Racks

14mm wire tube, 4pcs fabric shelves, plastic connecting parts,Non-woven fabric,Powder-coating Shoe Racks,Roll Curtain Door   [More]

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